St. Jude's Parish

 St. Jude's Parish in Hawkesbury, ON is an English-language parish that was founded in 1959.



Fr. Rick has been "hacked" - a criminal pretending to be him is sending a text message asking for help.   Fr. Rick would never do that, please don't fall prey to their scam.


Community Sunday will be on Sunday, 25 February after the 9:00 AM Mass.

The World Day of Prayer ecumenical service will be on Friday, 1 March at 2:00 PM.

Stations of the Cross by St. Alphonsus Ligouri will be on Friday, 1 March at 7:00 PM.



Call Fr. Rick at (613) 612-3459 for Anointing of the Sick; and for the Continuous Rite of Penance, Anointing and Viaticum (Last Rites).

Mass is said on Saturday at 4:00 PM followed by the Rosary, Sunday at 9:00 AM, Tuesday at 7:00 PM, Wednesday at 10:00 AM, Thursday at 10:00 AM followed by Adoration, and First Friday at 10:00 AM

Confessions can be heard starting half an hour before each Mass.

If you would like someone to bring you Communion at home, please call Donna Kozak at (613) 677-4469.

Contact the office to arrange a baptism, marriage, funeral, confession by appointment, or recent baptismal certificate.  The fee for a recent baptismal certificate is $10.00, but the fee is waived for those getting married.

Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of the Cape

Consider hosting our new Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of the Cape for a week.   You would pick up the statue at the church, place it on a cloth (suitably beside a vase of flowers), say a Rosary or Novena before it each day, and then drop it off at the church.  The statue was donated by members of the Legion of Mary of Holy Redeemer Parish.

Delta Bingo and Gaming

Please check the Thanks! page for information about how Delta Bingo and Gaming is helping St. Jude's parish.

Mission Statement

We as a parish and its Pastoral Council are firmly committed, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to do our part in fulfilling the mission given by Jesus to His Church to go to people everywhere and make them His disciples.  We want to proclaim the “Good News” to all with due consideration for children and young people.