St. Jude's Parish has salary, tax, insurance, utility and maintenance expenses that require about $2000 per week to break even - and more is needed for projects, upgrades, outreach and assistance. We do get about $225 per week from Our Lady of Divine Love parish. We have been receiving extra income from Delta Bingo, but fundraising activities by the Ladies' Association have been curtailed by the coronavirus. We have only received one transfer from the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, so we cannot count on help from the government. Even before the coronavirus, donations were too low, and now we face diminished Mass attendance. For the parish to flourish, we must donate generously and regularly.

The rule of thumb is one hour's wage or 2.5% of your gross income; less from those in need, and more from those who can afford it. Tithing 10% is a sacrifice that leaves you feeling richer than when you began.

Donate by Cash or Cheque

Place your money in your envelope and put it in the basket before Mass; mail it to the parish by post; or drop it in the office mail slot.

Donate by Interac eTransfer

Interac eTransfer is suitable for people who do have online banking, but don't have cheques or stamps, or are not yet able to come to Mass regularly. If you wish to donate by Interac eTransfer, send it to:

You will have to include a security question and answer, so set that up with Betty during office hours. The National Bank of Canada provides this service for free.

Donate by simplifies one-time and automatic monthly donations through your credit card. It's great for people who want to set up their donations once and for all, and be done with it. However, they are a service, so keep about 4% of your donation. To donate this way, click

Mass Intentions

Before Mass begins, the commentator says, "Today's Mass is offered for..." This is the intention of the Mass. The priest and people pray in a special way for that person, uniting them supernaturally. The usual donation is $15 for an announced Mass intention that can be said on Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday; or $10 for an unannounced Mass intention that can be said on Thursday or Friday. The deadline for Mass intentions is Thursday at noon. For more information see the Message from the Pastor in the 16 August 2020 bulletin.

Why Not Pre-Authorized Debit?

Pre-authorized debit (PAD) is very suitable for people with a regular income. The National Bank of Canada does provides this service for a minimal charge. However, PAD seems to require expensive annual updates to our accounting software that would cost about $1000 per year. The Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall might provide a more cost-effective method to parishes next year.